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Hi, I'm Tony



Tony Moracci has lived in Brampton for over 40 years and is an active member of the community, always standing with the community on all issues.

Tony immigrated to Canada for a better life. He raised his family in Brampton and used the school system in Brampton. 

Tony Moracci is a respected member of the community.

Tony stands for:

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Compassion

  • Respect

  • Transparent

  • Tony is a pillar of the community and works with the people for the people.


Tony held part time jobs while attending school. He was interested in electrical and went on to become an apprentice in the electrical field. Tony went further to obtain a Certificate of Qualification. Tony then went on to earn a Master Electrician's Certificate.

In 1979, he built his electrical contracting business from the ground up and worked with his employees, until recently retiring. 

Tony developed a great deal of understanding about people and their needs by simply listening and communicating with clients, employees and the general public.

Tony is and continues to be, actively involved in current community issues and speaks on behalf of the community.

Tony has acquired political knowledge over the years due to his active involvement in community issues. 

Tony is now looking to put Brampton on the map; this is his next step, to make Brampton a better city to live, work and raise a family. 

This is Tony Moracci and I want to serve the people of Brampton. I am a great listener, one that hears the needs and wants of the people.

Tony Moracci is a very sincere individual and will get the JOB done.  


Equality Meets Opportunity

  • Tony Moracci will work to provide FREE Public transit for everyone in the Peel Region.

  • Tony will start by providing free public transit within Brampton for individuals with disabilities, seniors and students.

  • Tony will put more bus stops in place for easier access to the system.

  • Tony will bring a University to Brampton that we will call THE UNIVERSITY of BRAMPTON.

  • Tony will bring a state of the art Hospital to the west side of Brampton.

  • Tony will address road safety by studying speed limits, pedestrian crossings and roadways.

  • Tony will address crime and work towards more police presence. 

  • Tony will work to ensure that the fire departments are equipped to serve the needs of the communities.

  • Tony will work to provide free internet hot spots throughout the City of Brampton.

  • Tony will work hard to improve the skyline of Brampton by encouraging development.

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